Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wishful thinking

When Amay comes to meet Lucky after her mugging, he asks if he could be the first to sign her cast.
"Sign my cast?'
'It's an American thing. For good luck.' ( P.154)

To re-phrase a popular saying, one can never be too lucky or too rich.

All of us have our special symbols or signs that we look for in our daily lives that will assure us success in our work. An actor going on stage, is wished good luck before a performance by advising him "to break a leg"!

Many people believe that finding a penny on the street or a safety pin means some good news is on the way while walking over a crack in the pavement or having a black cat cross your path means something bad is going to happen.

The Irish believe that finding a four leaf clover signifies good luck while the Dutch believe that finding a spotted beetle will bring good luck.

People also make a wish on a fallen eye lash, blowing it away after making the wish. If it flies off, the wish comes true and if it stays stuck on your wrist, you can be sure that your wish will not be granted!

Some people believe that walking under a ladder is bad luck and walking over a crack in a pavement is not very lucky!

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