Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Lucky Escape

"Funny how the smallest decisions can change your life. What if I'd stayed for dessert? What if I'd just gone home instead of shopping?" (P.153)

Time and time again, I've noticed that a spur of the moment decision can indeed alter life's course. Last year for instance, my friends and I made a last minute dinner plan. I was all set to go when suddenly my young son grabbed me round the waist and told me to stay home with him.

"But why?I'll be back soon, " I promised him.

"Please ma, just tonight don't go, na?"

My boys are very independent and never make such demands on my time so I thought I'd indulge the younger one and humour him a bit. I called my friends and cancelled. They were none too happy and teased me that I was becoming a typical Indian mother - pandering to my son's whims. I laughed off the jibe and proceeded to go ahead with whatever plans my son had planned to spend the evening.

Later on in the evening, the servants came rushing into the den and asked me to put on the TV News. What unfolded, is now familiar to all those who watched the terror attack unleashed on an unsuspecting Mumbai on 26th November 2008.

A chill went down my spine as I recognised one spot as our familiar watering hole. With trembling hands, I punched in the number on my cell phone and was relieved to hear that they were all right.

I hugged my son in relief and thanked God for looking out for my friends.

" Since you cancelled,"they told me, " we decided not to go along to the Oberoi but to hang out at the Club instead."

What a lucky escape then! I kept thanking my stars that I'd decided to stay at home! I couldn't stop hugging my son as I realised how close I was to losing everything! Not only me, but my friends too !If we had gone on with our dinner plans, I may well have been running away, petrified or worse still, holed up in absolute fear.

So, it would seem that my one decision saved all our lives!

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