Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tea time at the hospital

'Have you seen how they cut casts? Millions of dollars of expensive medical equipment and they use a thing that looks like an electric pizza cutter.' (P.173)

A young medical student doing her internship at the local government hospital told me an amazing story. Last week there was a commotion going on at the Nurses station in the Female ward. Being the doctor on duty she asked what the matter was and was told that the expensive autoclave machine was used to make tea.
"What?" she asked aghast. "How could that be?"
"You see that old lady in the last bed?" Well, it seems that she was dissatisfied with the hospital tea and decided to make her own. So just as the nurses shift changed, she got out of bed, removed all the instruments from the autoclave and put her own tea leaves and gave them a good boil!"

So if Lucky thought the plaster cutter looked like a pizza cutter, was the uneducated old lady in thinking that the autoclave was an industrial tea maker???

It just goes to prove the point that one man's meat is truly another man's poison.

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