Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Disengagement Dilemma

'I always knew what you deserved,' Amay said, finally looking up. 'You were the one who went chasing after other things.'
Colour drained from Lucky's cheeks.'You're right,'she said, 'and I deserved what I got. But if it makes any difference, I kept the note you left for me. And I still have the ring.' (p170)

Earlier in the book, we find Lucky looking at the ring that Amay had given her. Hurting from a broken marriage, she is obviously regretful of this decision. But youth often clouds our judgement and sometimes the staid, steady and comfortable love is given up for an exotic, unknown and exciting passion.

Getting cold feet before a wedding is not unknown and there have even been unfortunate cases of people being ditched at the altar. However, in this instance, where Lucky just walks away from Amay, was she correct in keeping the ring? Even though it was just a chip of a stone and not the 4 carat dazzler that Viki dazzled her with, don't you think that apart from breaking his heart, she also pinched Amay's pocket? - After all he was just starting out life when he proposed to Lucky.

So you, dear reader, would you advise Lucky to return the ring to Amay at least now?

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  1. I believe if the man walks away, the woman may keep the ring. However if she leaves, she MUST return the ring.


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