Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weighty matters : facts and figures

"She told me that there were three illusions and the third was "position". She said that our bodies were apparitions and one day we would lose them." (P169)

In today's world we spend a lot of time obsessing about our bodies, weight, self image and the like.

Now, before you scroll down to look at her pictures, get a mental image of what you think a woman who weighs 320 looks like...

I'm sure you thought that a woman weighing 320 lbs would be one humoungous lady.

Obviously you were wrong!

This lady is over 7 feet tall which makes her weight proportionate to her height.

So very often, facts can be misleading and the truth is very often different from what we imagine it to be.

The corollary to this : the problem that most of us have is not our weight but our height ! So for an instant slim look, all that is required is a pair of higher heels.

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