Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pregnant pause


'That afternoon she got a call from the doctor while at work. "We have a firm diagnosis. You've not contacted anything contagious, nor are you suffering from any reaction.'
'What's it then?' Lucky asked.
'You're pregnant. Congratulations!" ( P.192-193)

You, dear reader, must be as shocked as Lucky was when she found out that she was pregnant! After all , one of the main reasons for her failed marriage was the fact that she was barren (p.112). Her mother-in-law insisted that the marriage be annulled because the Singhs needed an heir that Lucky was unable to provide.

Finding out that you are pregnant always comes as a shock whether you plan for a baby or not. Those who are planning are shocked that their efforts have paid off while those who aren't are shocked that things have turned out differently.

Around ten years ago, I was travelling down South I decided to visit to my friend Gita who lived on a remote tea estate. We were old school friends and I was looking forward to some peace and quiet from my own hectic life in Mumbai. As the car drove up to the rambling bungalow, I could see Gita's kids playing around.

I got out and asked them where their mother was. They pointed to the inside of the house so I climbed up the steps to the verandah.

Then I saw her, my tiny little Gita, pregnant and ready to pop lugging a tiny tote in her hand.

"Gosh Bapsy!" she said clutching on to her huge belly. "Thank God you've come. The pains are just beginning and there's no one to leave the kids with. Please look after them while I just go down to the hospital ."

I was simply aghast! I had no idea that Gita was even remotely pregnant. After all her youngest was all of ten and I was sure she was done with having babies.

Looking at my shock, Gita began to shake. I was getting even more worried and quickly grabbed her before she fell.

"Don't, don't," she said with tears streaming down her face." I must sit down" as she eased herself into a chair.

"Gosh Bapsy," she said, " that was simply fantastic! I will never forget the look on your face," and she whipped out the pillow from under her dress.

For a moment I got another shock. And then I kicked myself ; how could I forget Gita the Class Prankster? I gave her a big hug and began to laugh myself.

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