Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dining with Grandpa

'Four bucks for a cup of f---ing cup of coffee? What the hell? He looked the menu up and down. 'I'll have a glass of water,' he said. Lucky laughed as she ordered two cappuccinos."(P.183)

Steve is not the only one who has been faced with the dilemma of paying an arm and a leg for a cup of coffee.
Meet our Holiday Beverages For most people Starbucks is "Coffee" . There are some die hard fans who actually pick up a cup every single day. When analysed into its bare ingredients, it would seem decadent to pay for just coffee, sugar, milk and some toppings but then, who bothers to go to town when making coffee at home? One cannot deny the joy of having the most extravagant coffees at Starbucks or any other coffee chain that takes coffee to another level.

However, several people ( my own darling indulgent grandfather included) find paying humongous amounts of money for water, cold drinks and simple teas and coffee a bit hard to swallow. I can never forget those occasions when my sister and I would walk into a fancy restaurant every once in a while, dressed in our best, proudly escorted by a beaming Grandpa.

As we settled down at the best table, he would grandly announce to the waiter that we were allowed to order whatever we wanted . Most times we went for our favourite fish and chips with a plain old Coke. While Grandpa sanctioned the food he balked at the price of the cola on the menu. "You can go home and have ten Cokes if you want!" he would bellow , as he proceeded to instruct the waiter to make the freshest fries and get an extra serving of tartar sauce with an ice cold bottle of mineral water !

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