Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clothes maketh the man

"Steve kept his appointment on Wednesday and Lucky laughed when she saw him. It was the first time she had seen him in anything other than prison wear." (P182)

Steve is out on parole and Lucky finds it hard to associate this tough nosed, tattoo artist in"civilised" attire. While clothes are only the extraneous elements of a man's personality, they are a very important means of assessing him . Just as we wear different garments for different occasions ( beach wear for the beach, black tie for a formal event) the style and manner with which they are worn are telling signs of one's personality: an immaculately turned out person reveals a person who likes the good things in life, who is particular about things.

I would like to share some proverbs on clothes and their imortance in judging a man.
Euer maner and clothyng makyth man.
[a 1400 Prov. Wisdom l. 59 in Archiv (1893) XC. 245]
Ffor clothyng oft maketh man.
[c 1445 Peter Idley's Instructions to his Son (1935) i. 82]
Though manners makes, yet apparell shapes.
[1591 J. Florio Second Fruits 115]
The Hood makes not the Monke, nor the apparrell the man.
[1617 R. Greene Alcida B3]
Clothes gave us individuality, distinctions, social polity. Clothes have made men of us.
[1836 Carlyle Sartor i. v.]
Still, it did happen—and it goes some way to show that clothes make the man, doesn't it?
[1933 J. Hilton Lost Horizon 3]
Gem of the day (credit Mark Twain): Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
[2001 Washington Post 17 Dec. C12]


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