Monday, September 28, 2009

To BLuff or not to Bluff

Mike set the glass down and smacked his lips.
'Lucky,Lucky,Lucky, I seem to remember you giving me a lecture once about playing poker.'
'Yes,poker. You said the best part of the game was the bluffing. And now you come to me empty- handed, asking for money. Lnowing that, why should I pay you?' (P.133)

Even though my grandmother forbade cards at home ( or perhaps because she did) I loved playing cards with my friends - especially on days when it was raining hard and it was impossible to go out. Of course in those days we didn't play Poker but - the childhood game of Bluff. I remember one particular rainy afternoon when the children were also getting bored, I suggested we all play Bluff. Immediately, my older boy rushed to the drawer where he had secretly hidden the cards. Half way through the game when I saw my younger boy's pile of cards growing higher and higher as he tried bravely to keep away the tears that threatened to spill......... I decided to come to his rescue. Since I had long since finished my cards and was technically out of the game, I took his side and quietly whispered in his ear : 5 Tens. The little one was shocked. He looked up and said 'But mom, that's a lie. And you said you should never tell a lie."

That was the end of Bluff as far as my son was concerned...................

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