Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good luck and bad luck

While looking out for Mike Lockwood's office in New York, Lucky comes across a used syringe.
Hardly an auspicious omen, she thought ( P.131).

Lucky is not the only one who looks out for signs that portend good or evil. Even the most rational of us tend to believe in superstitions especially when we are stepping out for that special deal to happen. For instance, I have a particular superstition : whenever I see Mr. Shroff step into the elevator, I know for a fact that my day will go wrong or whatever it was that I set out to do won't get done. I tried not blaming him for my mishaps but was it coincidence that the first time I saw him my flight was cancelled, the second time I saw him my son missed his first prize at the competition we were going to? I can go on and on about how Mr. Shroff is my albatross - or perhaps it is just God's sign that things will not go well and I should thank Mr. Shroff for warning me in advance.

Of course there are good signs too! For instance when my hand itches, I almost always get some money and whenever I hear Cliff Richard's song "Congratulations" playing on the radio ( which is very, very rare these days!!!) I know I am going to really get lucky!

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