Monday, July 27, 2009

Yoga - a genetic disposition

When Lucky was considering what to teach the inmates of a high security prison in New York State, Alec suggested she teach Yoga.

'Sure, why not?'
'I'm hardly an expert."
'Oh of course you're an expert; you've been at it since you were a toddler. Your dad said it came to you like second nature. Besides, you're Indian. They'll assume you were brought up in an ashram."

Are all Indians are automatically to be genetically pre-disposed to Yoga? This seems to be the general assumption of the Indian Sterotype. Of course, the fact that I often do some yogic stretches on a long distance flight doesn't really do much to dispel this notion, but honestly, are all Indians naturally good at Yoga?

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  1. Not really. I have friend who does yoga and she is very good. Religion may be specific to region but spirituality surpasses boundaries, faith, culture and religion. Yoga is a spiritual practice.


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