Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clearing Security

Before entering the prison Lucky has to go through a security check ( P.3). Stepping onto a set of footprints painted in red on the floor, Lucky and her companion Alec were frisked carefully and she was asked to keep back her handbag, barrette and watch . Alec too was asked to keep back his keys and wallet.

Unfortunately for some of us, this high security prison clearance procedure has now become a part of our mundane, every day lives, thanks to the increased threat of terrorist activity in the world. For instance, something as routine as a movie, entails a rigorous search process. At Mumbai's Inox Multiplex , you are frisked while entering the premises, frisked before going up the escalator and finally frisked before entering the cinema hall!!!

While it is necessary to carry out checks , I do miss those days when we could just breeze in and out of public places without being frisked, searched and questioned.

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