Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Mumbai - My City

Day break from my window

Lucky begins her married life in Bombay where Vicki has his family business. (Chapter 6)

Bombay aka as Mumbai has captured the imagination of several people thanks to the recent Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire".

Unfortunately for my city, its darker aspect has been romanticised and publicised and very few people actually know that it has a beautiful, more gracious side.

Starting out as seven mosquito ridden islands, it has developed into a modern metropolis. Of course it has its drawbacks like the hot, sweltering summer and wet, squishy monsoons but driving past Marine Drive, watching the sunset from Malabar Hill, sitting on the lush green lawns of one of its spiffy private clubs, walking briskly round the race track at the splendid old Race Course.......there is nothing in the world that can compare with all of this.

A vintage beauty to cruise down Mumbai's coastal roads

City life has a special feel to it and my city has a special feel.

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