Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Lucky a hopeless romantic?

Lucky was feeling exhausted - but when she heard this she sat up and asked him how he knew. He shrugged his shoulders and said,'My cousin works in the house now. He saw her. Geeta-memsaab had called Mandira-ji to the house and when she left, she was crying. They say she was accompanying Viki-saab in all his travels. Apparently, memsaab gave her some money and offered her another job.' ( P.104)

Why is it that wives are almost always the last to know about their straying husbands? Is it because we are foolishly trusting? Or is it because we are hopelessly romantic?

Most women are like Lucky : hopelessly romantic, whose hearts are swayed by "Viki" and all that he represents - strong, romantic, mysterious and quickly pass up "Amay", the old, trusted buddy of their childhood.

Find out if you are a hopeless romantic by taking the Quiz I've posted below. This is taken from


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