Monday, August 3, 2009

Marriage and Divorce

'Are you married" Rooster asked
"Just wondering."
"I'm divorced."
"Bummer. For him. I mean. Any children?"
" children,"
"What happened?"Rob queried.
Rooster's eyes opened a little wider as he leaned closer to Lucky. "Nothing? People don't divorce for nothing. Was he fooling around on you?" (P.14)

In this preliminary exchange between two very important characters in my book, Lucky reveals that she is divorced. Coming from an Indian background, this fact is pertinent because so far at least, the Indian divorce rates lag behind the divorce rates of the developed world.

This is not to say that there are no unhappy marriages in India - there are lots and lots of them at various levels. Some women actually walk out, especially in abusive relationships but a large majority simply stick on stoically, either for the sake of the children or because they have no option but to stick it out.

So what made Lucky actually walk out on her husband? Or did he walk out on her?

Find out why Lucky divorced her husband.........Find out how she married him in the first place!

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